About Us

JayanInternational.com LTD is a limited liability company specializing in Marketing and internationalization services, world class training events, customized in house training for companies and organizations, market research, recruitment, telemarketing and consulting services.

Our marketing and internationalization products are as close as you can get to getting 100% deals while entering a new market.  The service is cost effective and meticulously designed to tailor to your needs and deliver the most effective marketing channel for you to enter into a new market or to expand in an existing one.

Through our extensive network of specialized trainers, world class experts and speech therapy courses specialists from Toronto company, JayanInternational.com is able to provide your company with customized solutions especially with regards to staff training needs.  We are at the forefront of providing training in high growth activities in emerging niche markets.

JayanInternational.com has also expanded into event hosting and is building on its experience in internationalization and its close relation with Aura international to host world class events tailored to the Middle East.

. Is the sister company of Aura international the events management company.  is based in Beirut Lebanon, with strong presence in the Gulf and Europe as well.

If you are looking for the professional company that will help you with career counselling Calgary offers, you are at the right place. Our specialists will be glad to consult you, offer special testing program and many more.

Why Work With Us

We deliver.  This is the simplest reason for working with JayanInternational.com.  In the midst of the international financial meltdown, we were able to provide new markets for our clients, help them enter new challenging locations and find lucrative partners immediately.  We have held numerous public training events in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and the UAE despite the hardships faced in many of these places. 

We are helping the start-up owners to develop their professional skills, find new techniques to implement into work organization process, get the new appliances and choose the best workspace or co-workig space (like Agile Offices team rooms).

Our training is conducted with the utmost attention given to quality of new york limousine services and customer feedback in order to ensure that the materials delivered are to the customer’s expectations and more.  Visits by the instructors to some companies are common, in order to see the actual work environment and base the examples of the training workshop on such information. And though our company you can count on a discount for Newark EWR car hire either on a short or a long term basis.

Featured News

One of the most important tasks of a business is the optimization of expenses. Logistics is one the main divisions of the company, which is able to manage and control company's costs. The leading Toronto experts in the field of management claim that only those companies that pay maximum attention to cost management and logistics are able to achieve the most effective results. Sign up for our new training program, which was developed with the assistance of K.Burns, formerly with Globalwhse.com Ontario warehousing company, to learn how to effectively manage company's costs.

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