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1. Project Management

Designed to equip the participant with the latest and most effective methods of planning and resource allocation. Skills acquired in this course:
  • Objective identification and evaluation of personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Objective identification of project strengths and weaknesses
  • Enhanced ability to plan, schedule, execute and monitor a project
  • Enhanced financial management and control skills

2. E-Marketing

Expand your market, reach your customer directly, provide customized service and innovate in your marketing strategy. E marketing allows you to expand your potential with limited cost. Practical issues, such as effectiveness, best methods of positioning yourself on the net and best methods of finding more about your customer base are all topics addressed in this four day training seminar.

3. Tourism

The success of any team depends on the effectiveness of its leader. In the modern world, taking a dictatorial approach will not wield long-term gains. The modern leader is democratic, creative, focused and involved, leading from the front. Our course: ‘Travel & Hospitality Tool Box‘ is aimed at new or fairly new managers, supervisors or team leaders in travel and hospitality; they could be hotel reception managers, team leaders from a travel agency, managers of a team of representatives or excursion sales team. The very nature of the business is energetic and exciting so the style of leadership must reflect that. Participants will leave the course with a clear action plan of objectives and ideas, ready to implement them into the business. Coming along with an open mind and with the support of their line manager will result in valuable benefits for the business. The ‘tool box’ has proven invaluable to other travel and hospitality businesses who have seen their results improve as follows:

  • Better sales results
  • Reduced turnover of managers and team members
  • Increased customer and staff satisfaction
  • Increased bottom line profits.
  • Included in the ‘tool box’ are:
  • Motivating the team
  • Exploring ways of learning
  • Making the most of different working styles within the team
  • Assertiveness
  • SMART objectives
  • Giving effective feedback
  • Supporting the team through coaching
  • Leading sales including: building rapport, features and benefits, closing the sale and handling objections
  • Conducting meeting
  • Facilitating creative ideas sessions’
  • Managing time effectively
  • Delegation

4. Health tourism  

The Training Seminar addresses engaged stakeholders involved professionally in the development, promotion and practice of Health Tourism. In this particular instance, it will be:
  • Medical / Healthcare Personnel, Management and Administrative Staff
  • Tour Operators and Health Tourism Facilitators
  • Government officials and regulators

    The Seminar has 4 General Objectives:
  • To provide practical knowledge of the fundamentals of Health Tourism understanding (the “what is”)
  • What not to do in health tourism (The Due Diligence)
  • clarify the potential of health tourism and how to best exploit it
  • Explain what is needed to sustain a business operating in the heath tourism field

5. Finance on Excel

This course will teach the participants intermediate and advanced functions and financial analysis and equations on Excel. Basic calculations such as IRR, break even analysis, pivot and table pivots, IF option and various other common tools that will significantly enhance the skills and independence of middle and upper managers in analyzing business performance and forecasting future activities.

6. Marketing

Marketing decisions involve getting the right product or service to the right customer at the right time for the right price. They are probably the most critical decisions any manager will make. Successful marketing also involves positioning and promoting your product in such a way that it becomes more desirable than those of your competitors. How this will be done is the particular focus on this workshop. Delegates will improve their ability to develop, plan and manage marketing strategies including

  • Designing research tools and analysing marketing opportunities,
  • Learning how to identify the right Unique Selling Points (USP) to make the most of your product/service given the the opportunities available
  • Identifying the best price and distribution options for the product
  • Learning how to develop a branding and promotional strategy
  • Establishing how the impact will be monitored so that you know future strategies take on board the lessons from the past.

7. Planning for Success

Our training programme “planning for success” introduces participants to the strategic planning process. It allows participants to not only understand the process but exposes them to the methodologies and tools associated with a succinct framework approach positioning your business for future success. Managers interested in driving business growth at the end of the programme will have the concepts and tools to:

  • understand the content and process of strategy
  • match business competencies with environmental opportunities and threats
  • align the business functions with long-term strategic objectives
  • Generate options for survival, growth and succession
  • Develop a clear vision and direction for the business

8. Public relations

Dealing with the media can be tough. An interview or press conference is a prime opportunity to communicate with your audience so it is crucial to get it right. Interviewees need to learn the central secret of how to bring others around to their point of view with confidence while handling a stream of questions from people over whom they have apparently little control - journalists. Without proper training it is all too easy for things to go wrong. And if you master dealing with the media, client presentations, seminars and a whole array of other opportunities to profile yourself and your company become a lot easier too.
Delegates will develop new interview skills as well as refresh existing ones. Topics covered will include: common mistakes to avoid; tips for handling an interview; preparation; non-verbal communication; developing key messages; and understanding audiences.

9. Hospital Management

Hospitals are particular organizations, having many unique traits. Their specific managerial needs are assessed and treated in this 5 day training course for middle and upper managers of hospital and health regulatory bodies/institutions. The aim is to equip the trainees with the international best practice in the field in a fashion that is implementable in their respective organizations.

10. Project valuation

How to assess the value of an asset? How should you make a decision about selling a part of your business or buying another business, another machine, another opportunity? How to evaluate investment and how to valuate the worth of existing companies are the two main topics covered in this five day interactive training course. This course is designed for financial managers, financial controllers, business development managers and general managers.

11. Finance for non finance managers

This course will introduce non finance managers to the financial tools used to control and guide a business. From analyzing income statements and balance sheet, interpreting accounts, utilization of ratios, understanding and utilizing cost control techniques and the importance and effectiveness of budgeting. These are a sample of the key skills managers will acquire, or sharpen by attending this 5 day course.

12. CMA

In this course, Advanced Management Accounting and Advanced Strategic Management Accounting will be given to professional accountants interested in furthering their careers.

13. HR management

Delegation, motivation, analysis and optimal utilization of human resource skills are the main topics covered by this five day interactive training course. Leadership skills and definitions and practices will be examined and demonstrated in the class. Optimization of an organization’s human resource talent is the ultimate aim of this course in addition to elaborating and enhancing the participant’s own leadership and motivational and planning skills.

14. Leadership & Management

How do you motivate your team? How do you make the synergies and difference between individuals in your team work for the enhanced performance of the team as a whole? Can you create leadership qualities in individual? How do you plan and execute and evaluate the performance of your team? How do you play to win? This are the essential topics dealt with in this five day interactive training session.

15. Tailor made in house training

Enhancing sales through leadership in tourism industry:
This course will analyze the operational aspect of tourism companies and hospitality companies in general and find the internal dynamism that will enhance sales results through better sales technique, more elaborate and straightforward distribution of tasks and enhanced leadership skills. Other needs can also be assessed. This course is done on demand only, it can also be generalized all staff training of particular section oriented training.

16. HR for Non HR Managers

“HR is the “heart” of the organization. Without HR, there is no value for business!
HR is about managing people, using company resources, setting up policies, practices, and systems that influence employees’ behavior, attitudes, and performance. Many companies refer to HRM as involving “people practices", as well as aligning HR with corporate objectives/ goals..”

17. Sales Techniques

For many businesses in the hospitality sector, it is the little extras sold at check-in, at the bar or when ordering a meal that can make a huge difference to the bottom line. Effective up selling happens when the customer is grateful they spent the extra, so this course focuses on the techniques to sell the right extra product or service to the right customer at the right time. This course is vital as part of any front-facing hospitality training portfolio.

Facilities for the training are provided by company, offering office space for rent.