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Business training: how to make money on direct sales

We begin the article with an accelerated course of business fundamentals as an introduction:
1. Business is a way to earn for a life we want to live
2. You can earn only gaining a profit. You needed income to make a profit.
3. Income is the sale. Direct sales are an effective way to sell.
Everything is simple. Spend a few minutes of your free time to watch this video explaining how to earn money from home in Canada. And this is one of the secrets of success. In fact, everything is very simple in business. All the complexity is explained by excess information. People are spoiled by excess information and are afraid of simplicity.

The concept of direct sales is included in a crash course of business fundamentals. What does this concept mean? In general, it is a situation when not a customer comes to us, but we go to a client. Most B2B sales are carried out this way. And we are those people who can make the process manageable and effective. Find here a schedule of our trainings and events.

What does it mean to make the sales easily controlled and effective? Manageable sales mean that we know exactly how many customers we need to have, and we know how we will attract them. We have a clear plan. We will not wait for favors from the market, our task is to take them. Effective sales mean that they are bringing us maximum results with minimum efforts.

Efficiency is always measured by the ratio of benefits to cost. Results are the measures of sales of each manager at each stage of the sale. Costs are time units spent by sales managers and other stakeholders. Time is universal meter of costs.
When it comes to direct sales, all the issues are reduced to the two main aspects:
1. How to create a queue of customers.
2. How to I manage the sales process.

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