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How to increase online sales without additional expenses

You should focus your attention on human psychology. There are a couple of behavioral factors, following which, you can increase your sales regardless of the advertising campaign success.

Behavioral factors #1. As we know, no one wants to part with the money. This is the psychology of the client, and so you can offer installments to smooth out the moment of parting with money. It is this delay helps the client to part with the money easier.

Behavioral factors #2. Studies have shown that consumers do not like to choose items from a large number of similar goods. Their attention gets dispersed, thoughts diverge, and as a result the number of sales decreases. The ideal proposal is 3-6 items to choose from.

Behavioral factors #3. If your sales are stagnating, you can use the price increase strategy and make the analysis. In most cases, the stereotype price-quality plays its crucial role.

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