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Marketing and internationalization services

What is it?

The internationalization and market expansion and entry service is an EFFECTIVE and COST EFFICIENT marketing approach to expand your operations in new or even in existing markets. international will research the market for you, promote and advertise your products, directly to customers, establish the list of interested customers for you, establish their estimated procurement budget and time line for spending this budget, and if you so desire, we will also organize face to face meetings and/or host a congress where you can have the potential buyers and attend and listen only to you.  The attractiveness of this package is that all of it can be done in a proven efficient manner, over a reasonable period of time, and for a very competitive and flexible price. 

How will you benefit?

With our service, you will be able to quickly find out and have some of the following

  • Direct promotion of your product in a new market

  • Reliable, quick, and useful marketing research

  • The list of potential customers in your target market

  • Available budgets for the purchase of your product or service

  • Preference of the buyers in terms of future dealing (face to face contact, emails, telephone…etc)

  • Face to face meeting with the most interesting potential buyers

  • Specialized event where buyers are invited to an exclusive presentation set up exclusively for your company and product

  • Legal support  so you can navigate the market and establish the legal basis for your operations in the country



What service will you receive? International offers you a customized multi layered solution to your international expansion plans.  Our service is based on thorough research for the destination market coupled with a layered approach in order to identify with you, the point of entry and the selling position for your company.  The pricing mechanism is also layered as will be explained later.  We will dedicate a team of telemarketers to undertake the research, and out in house experts will analyze and produce the results for you.  We will then identify the most important customers for your product, and set up face to face meetings with them or organize workshop for you to deliver your pitch to the intended audience.  A graphic illustration of our services is given below:

  • Market Entry and Research services:  including conducting marketing and market share survey, as well as establishing best direct marketing approach

  • Medical distributors search and qualifications to ensure that they have sizable budgets that fit your product

  • Market entry support such as facilitating face to face meetings, setting up presentation workshops, conducting direct selling pitches over the phone, designing of marketing campaign, logistical support.

  • Regulatory support: to better understand the regulatory framework of the country and the impact this has on a client’s products.  Regulatory support also establishes the mode of conducting business in the country in general.


Doing business the way...(instead of best way to learn) LTD is a limited liability company specializing in Marketing and Internationalization services, world class training events, congresses and events, customized in house training for companies and organizations, market research, recruitment, telemarketing and consulting services.

Our approach

Nothing is left to chance, the staged approach allows the client to make follow up decision based on the results of each stage.Thus, there is no need to make large financial commitments or undertake several expensive in county missions before identifying a reliable and substantial market potential.



How much it will cost?

As has been mentioned, this service is modular and dependent on many factors.  The service we offer is based on one company, one product line concept, if more product lines are involved the pricing will change.  However, the costs of conducting the first stage ranges from 7000 to 10000 Euros depending on the market the client wishes to know about and also depending on the number of potential buyers, the scope of the assignment and the duration. 

Stage two also varies in price depending on the logistical set up the client wished to pursue, the costing for stage two is dependent on two variables, the number of appointments needed and the logistical set up desired.  Regarding the number of appointments, will charge a 2000 Euro free to secure appointments with 7-10 intended buyers.  In addition, can also provide the logistical support needed for the internationalization mission for a 10% management fee, that is, organizes the tour according to the wishes of the client and charges 10% on top of the final invoice as a management fee.

The time frame for stage one is between 2-4 months depending on the complexity of the situation and the time frame for stage two is driven by the client’s wishes. 

These figures are indicative and are subject to change according to the scope of the assignment.