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Training on Canadian taxation distinctive features International professionals with the help of tax advisor from Calgary have prepared a training course for accountants and financial analysts, which helps to get familiar with Canadian taxation system. Read more about services and trinings provided by International experts.

On this page you can find some issues, which are studied during a course. There are local taxes in Canada, which are charged to replenish budget of respective territory or province, besides mandatory federal taxes. GST (goods and services tax) - a federal tax on sale of goods and services rate is 7 percent. Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland have linked their taxes with federal tax. This harmonized sales tax (HST) will also be charged on the sale of goods and services, and 8 percent of this tax replenish local budgets. Finally, GST or HST is paid by the consumer, and entrepreneurs are responsible for collecting taxes and their transfer to the budget.

Some goods and services are taxed only formally, i.e. at zero rate. Such products are milk, bread and vegetables, livestock of farms, medical devices associated with free or subsidized medical care. Some of goods and services are not taxed at all: sale of residential buildings owned by the seller, housing rent for a period of one month or more, as well as payment for residential condominium, most of the medical and dental services provided to licensed physicians or dentists for medical reasons, health care services for children under the age of 14 years on an hourly basis lasting less than a day, tolls on roads, bridges and ferries as well as legal services .

Most of educational services are also not taxed - courses of vocational schools, issuing certificates or diplomas, tutoring services on an individual basis according to the curriculum designated by the institution, the majority of services provided by financial institutions (such as the granting of loans or mortgages) .

Issuance of insurance policies by insurance companies, agents and brokers, most of the goods and services provided by charities certain goods and services provided by non-profit organizations, governmental and other public sector organizations, such as public transport and water supply are also not taxed.

Calgary tax advisor professional remind that Canadian government provides tax benefits to those, who want to start a business in Canada.

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