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Trainings on office premises layout

Any office is divided into two parts: the presentation area or front office and work area or back office. If such a division is not recognized neither by company’s top officials nor office staff it usually forms spontaneously. Division into a presentation and working area is not so much territorial as functional: each part may consist of several rooms located in different parts of office space. Front office is for representational purposes: here employees communicate with customers and partners, carry out various public activities with a limited number of guests. All the premises visited by customers and partners are included in front office: reception, lounges, meeting and conference rooms. Presentation part of any office often equipped with expensive furniture and office equipment with one purpose to impress clients and partners coming to your office. Often, front office is isolated territorially. For example, the first floor of office building (fully or partially) is use as front office for communication with customers. Here meeting rooms, offices for sales and business development experts, which personally communicate with clients and partners.

Today, own office space, as a rule, is not used for public events, and contracts with specialized companies for premises rental is concluded as these premises are adapted for conferences, presentations and other events. Increased attention to office interior design and appearance is paid in companies whose activities are built on constant interaction with customers including legal, consulting, financial companies, banks, advertising agencies and other firms. Such companies’ staff often negotiates with customers who can make some conclusions about creative and business level of organization, looking at office interior design and employees look. It is important to make maximum favorable impression on visitors, including potential customers through office interior design, for a company operating in service sector. Company’s image depends greatly on office interior design. That is why this issue of proper office space arrangement is included into company marketing strategy. Besides forming company’s image, employee efficiency and optimal use of office space is not less important.

Back office is a part of office space, where limited access by outsiders. Here such departments are located, which are not directly connected with the outside world. This is a base workspace, hidden from the views of visitors. Access is restricted to some of back office rooms even for the majority of the company's employees. It is true for accounting, marketing, technical services office, etc. Back office decor, unlike the front office should make a good impression on employees, create comfortable conditions for concentrated individual work and team operations. More rigorous and simple design is used in back office. However, many companies seek to arrange office space in the same style as front office.

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